Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

This is a 60 minute comprehensive discussion about your current symptoms and a look back through your life to identify contributing factors. We are thorough in our history and will want to know about your family history, medical history, and even your household when growing up. The more information we have, the better you can be treated.

Please fill out the Intake Forms prior to your appointment and upload it to the portal at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Follow Up Appointments

When starting on a new medication or finding the right balance of a current medication it will be necessary to take more time, address how the change may have positively or negatively impacted you and go over any supporting lab work that may have been ordered. This will take slightly longer than just a refill of your medication and time is allotted for that.

A typical follow up appointment is 20-30 minutes long. Longer appointments are available by request or at the discretion of the clinician.